a humorous and very human gateway into the rising science of who we are!

Genetic Me is a humorous and very human gateway into the rising science of who we are. Using wit and authenticity, this documentary film connects a deeply personal tale with frontier genetic research and provides new perspectives on the eternal question of: “How did I become me?”


The film tackles numerous themes for debate and is relevant for panel discussions, scientist talks and audience and student comments. This is the science you thought you would never understand finally made accessible and about to set you on a personal journey into the future.



The film takes us on a journey into the new genetics of human psychology and behavior. It takes the format of a personal quest. Our main character, science journalist Lone Frank, wants to know how the advent of personal genetics will change our individual view of ourselves and affect our understanding of human nature – the understanding of your own personality. Lone comes with a rather un-agreeable personality herself, that has given her many problems through life and she is determined to change this personality – she simply wants to become someone else. To find out how to change, she has herself psychologically tested and she gets relevant genes mapped out. Lone believes solely in biology and therefore believes that the solution lies in knowledge of your brain and genes. She takes the viewer on a scientific and philosophical journey to the forefront of research into how our genetic information shapes the brain and mind and through that our personality.